Argan Oil: the liquid gold…

When I go to visit my husband’s family in Morocco, I always make sure to buy a little bottle of Argan Oil. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and  is now used in a large number of beauty products and institutes. The argan tree grows almost exclusively in the south of Morocco and its health benefits are well documented: it helps reduce cholesterol, and it is a cure against rhumatism and arthritis. Used as a cosmetic product, it helps to fortify the hair and nails, and mositurize the skin (as well as reduce acne!) . I simply use a few drops of oil and massage it onto my face for a few minutes. You can rinse off, or leave it until it has completely penetrated the skin. It is also a great foundation to apply make up.

Moroccan Argan oil- The liquid gold

For use on the hair, again I take a few drops and apply on the hair, usually 30mins before washing it off. It gives it a great, healthy glow. For the nails, it is good to mix the oil with lemon juice and leave on the nails for a while to strenghten then. And for you mothers, it is also great to prevent or reduce stretch marks, or scars.
However, make sure that you buy products that are 100% pure Argan oil, because it is often mixed with cheaper oils and can irritate the skin. Yes, Argan oil is expensive, but as I said you only need a few drops on the skin or hair to reap its benefits! A small bottle will last you for months. Next time you see North African ladies with their gorgeous, clear skin and luscious hair, you will know what’s their secret!

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