No-egg, vegan chocolate mousse!

About Aquafaba

Ever wondered how to replace egg whites in recipes such as mousse or meringue? Look no further. For all of you vegans or egg-intolerants, I have a really simple, life- changing trick for you, and I dedicate this recipe to all the chocolate addicts out there. I tried it yesterday and it really does work, with quite convincing results. I made a super easy and delicious chocolate and peanut butter mousse, without eggs. So what substitute did I use? Chickpea juice, also known as aquafaba. Yes chickpea juice, you know that liquid in chickpea cans? Well now, you won’t throw it down the sink anymore, you’ll use it to make French delicacies and desserts!

My vegan chocolate mousse
My vegan chocolate mousse

So what is that about? Basically, you just beat the chickpea liquid with a hand mixer, as you would with eggs (I don’t recommend to do it manually with a whisk, because it does take a while). Add a tiny amount of sugar if it doesn’t stiffen enough, but it really does look with regular beaten eggs. Now, let’s get started on the chocolate mousse. This recipe is very fast: 15 mins of prep, and then you leave rest in the fridge, and it makes a great party dessert if you are looking to impress your friends.

What you will need :


– The ‘juice’ from one 400g can of chickpeas (disclaimer: the brand I used gave really thick juice, it is not normally like that, but it works fine either way)

– about 150g of dark chocolate (make sure it’s vegan if needed)

– about 2 tablespoons of sugar to help the eggs stiffen

-optional: a big table spoon of peanut butter to add some crunch, but you can flavour your mousse as you like. Chocolate and orange zest are a favourite here, but you can also try coffee, caramel and any fruit you fancy.

IMG_7155First of all, start beating the chickpea juice. It takes a bit longer than eggs in my experience, about 10-15 mins. I added the two tablespoons of sugar during the process, and ended up with quite stiff, creamy ‘chickpea whites’, almost as stiff as eggs. Do not worry, they don’t taste of chickpea at all. They don’t actually taste of anything really, so they make a good base for any recipe.

At the same time, melt your chocolate and peanut butter together on very low fire, or in a bain-marie. Make sure not to burn the chocolate and mix continuously. I added a tiny amount of water here (about 1 tablespoon), to make sure I had a smooth paste. Then, leave to cool.

Once you have your fake egg whites and your chocolate paste, gently IMG_7157incorporate the chocolate into the chickpea juice. Once you have a smooth mixture, pour into little pots or cups, and put in the fridge to rest for minimum 2 hours, until the mousse has set. It’s then ready to serve!

Who said vegan cooking was boring? There are so many possibilities, without compromising on taste. Enjoy!


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