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How to make simple, cheap, organic sprays for the skin

Rosewater and Orange blossom water are very popular throughout the Middle East for cooking and pastries. Their cosmetic qualities are less known, but both have been used for centures as cleansers, moisturizers and astringents. I use a rosewater spray every morning to tighten and refresh my skin: I only mixed half a cup of rosewater (you can make your own by decanting rose petals if you have the time!) and half a cup of purified water, added a few drops of rose essential oil (a natural remedy for wrinkles) , and popped the result into a spray bottle. You will find many recipes on the net of different sort of masks to make with rosewater and other ingredients such as cucumber; but I find that it works well as a simple spray. It can also be used on the hair to make it softer.

Orange blossoms

Orange blossom water has a variety of benefits. I absolutely adore its smell: I add some to cakes, to tea and coffee, to fruit salads. I even have a sweet tajine recipe that uses it (I might share it if you ask!). As a cosmetic product, it can be used as a toner: apply it on the face and neck with wool to revive dull skins, or make a spray. I also add a few drops to ghassoul when I wash my hair or make a face mask. VoilĂ ! Two simple ways of making your own natural sprays, just make sure you get good quality, organic bottles of rosewater and orange blossom water rather than the synthetic ones.