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A great organic lip balm for the cold days!

Salaam alaykoum, Peace be upon you all!

I made myself a batch of mandarin lip balm this week, and since I’m very satisfied with it, I am going to share the recipe! It’s very very easy (once you have sourced all the ingredients), and it keeps my lips soft and moisturised in the freezing weather. No chapped lips for me this year inshallah! I even use it on my face as I have a sensitive skin, and I get red dry patches because of the cold.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s get cooking! This recipe will make about 100ml of lip balm, so I got 10 little tips of 10ml each. You will need the following ingredients, preferably organic:

15g Yellow beeswax

50ml Apricot Kernel Oil

15g Cocoa Butter

25g Shea Butter

Just mix everything in a glass jug and cook in a Bain-marie ( which means place it into a pan of boiling water), and wait until it has melted into a liquid before taking it out of the fire. You can also do in the microwave, but it’s more fun to do it this way! 

My little tins cooling down!

You can then add essential oils of your choice: I used Tea Tree oil because of its antiseptic qualities (about 20 drops) and Mandarin (about 40 drops) for its soothing and uplifting qualities, and because of its great smell. Mix with a spoon and pour into your containers before it cools down.


You can easily modify the recipe according to your needs: divide by ten if you only need one tin of lip balm, replace the Apricot Kernel oil by Almond oil if it is easier to find, or use 40g of Shea butter instead of using two different kinds. You can also use Mango butter which is very moisturising and a good anti-wrinkle.

My finished little products, ready to be used!
My finished little products, ready to be used!

A word of caution: I completely understand that you people are busy and don’t necessarily have the time to make your own gorgeous, precious, organic lip balm  when you could just pop in your local supermarket and get a cheap lipstick. The problem is that most of what you will find will actually dry out your lips even more rather than moisturising and soothing chapped lips. That’s because they prevent the air from passing, and because some ingredients such as alcohol, menthol and petroleum are aggressive for the skin. So please check the ingredients before you hand your money!

Health and Beauty

Choosing a good cleanser ( and a recipe to make your very own!)

Cleansing your skin is essential to keep it healthy, especially for those who live in big, polluted urban centers. Think about how much dust  and dirt is left on your skin every day! When choosing your cleanser, avoid the ones containing soap because it dries the skin out, alcohol that can be aggressive in particular for sensitive skins, and the fragranced ones. It is healthier to choose a simple, unscented cleanser with a limited number of ingredient. According to what type of skin you have, go either for a cream-based cleanser, good for dry skin, or a gel for oily skin. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera (soothing), or tea tree oil (for problem skins or acne) can work wonders when used to cleanse the face.

First, wash your hands, remove any make up, and wash the face with fresh water. then apply your choice of cleanser, massage into the skin, and rinse off. This will only take you 2-3 mins everyday, but it makes a big difference and will help your skin look clearer. The skin is the body’s biggest organ but it is also very vulnerable, being exposed to the sun, to temperature changes, to pollution…We often cover ourselves in expensive creams to prevent ageing, but do we ever check the composition of the beauty products we buy? They are often full of chemicals and attack the skin in the long term. Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be expensive not time consuming: invest your money wisely. Everyday kitchen ingredients such as milk are actually known to be good cleansers.


For those of you who would like to make your own cleanser, here is a quick recipe for normal skin types and using two of my favourite natural ingredients, orange flower water and coconut oil (inspired by “Make your own Skincare” by Sally Hornsey)

SImply mix together the following ingredients:

-20g orange flower water

-30g spring water

-15g coconut oil

-5 drops of lime essential oil

-10g sucragel (sucragel is a natural emulsifier and thickener developed from sugar; sucragel AOF is organic and can be bought on the internet)

Preservative can be added. Store in a dark storage.